Pest ControlPest Control

Pest Control

ECO PRO provides a superior barrier around your home to transform it into a fortress against pests. We will keep unsightly spider webs away from your home and fire ant mounds before they can do harm to you and your family, guaranteeing control of ants in the yard and the home. Learn more



ECO PRO has proven methods in making your home and/or business invisible to these silent predators. You could have termites doing considerable damage in your home and not know it. Learn more

Turf ManagementTurf Management

Turf Management

Take back control of your lawn from unsightly weeds and brown spots. ECO PRO can eliminate all varieties of broadleaf and grassy weeds to keep your lawn looking beautiful. Read More

Tree & Shrub CareTree & Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Care

It’s that time of year again and Japanese beetles and mosquitoes have taken over your property. With ECO PRO’s tree and shrub program, these pests won’t go near your tree and shrubs again. Read more

Organic ProgramsOrganic Programs

Organic Programs

Our organic programs use the most modern and eco friendly products on the market. We offer all organic programs in every aspect of our services. You no longer have to worry about your family’s safety around your pest or turf technician. Learn more